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Dance, barre, fitness, weights, stretch, pilates, circuit, tabata, low impact, high intensity, kickboxing and more!

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Workout, whenever you want.

Join us for a monthly online membership or purchase individual workouts you can do on your own time. Getting fit couldn't get any easier with our online program. New workouts every month!


What our customers are saying

My daughter and I have found the videos just fantastic. We both like the idea of being able to do them whenever we want. My daughter who does a hell of a lot of exercise just loves them

Phyllis H

I have loved having this service to keep me going. I have tried all three each week and the good thing is I can do them anytime even in my pyjamas!!!

Eileen W

I just love the way I can access all the workouts whenever I want. Some days I feel like doing cardio, other days I just want to dance! It's awesome!

Vanessa J